Logo Design Samples

We believe your logo is the most important part of your brand. Your logo design says everything about who you are and what you do. It tells the world whether you’re big or small, conventional or sophisticated, state-of-the-art or everyday. It’s a tiny advertisement for your company. It helps your customers to remember you. And once finalised your logo should never be changed so it’s important to invest in getting it right for you. Examples of our logo designs can be found here: Logo Design Portfolio

Design Business Card Make An Impact Our logo design process begins when you complete and return our detailed questionnaire. This tells us your ideas and gives us what we need to do the rest. We research your competitors, then draft a number of different design concepts on paper. We then create the best four unique concepts on screen and add fonts and colour before presenting them to you as first proofs. You choose your favourite and we develop it further and present you with at least two variations as second proofs. Once again, you choose your favourite; we then discuss any changes which we make before presenting you with your final logo. We then prepare a logo CD and colour specification sheet with logo files for all different uses such as web, print, embroidery, etc.

Our logo design Melbourne studio is based in Wheelers Hill but distance is no barrier to creating an amazing logo. We work together with you through this process to develop a logo that not only gives your business a winning edge and attracts the right customers, we develop a logo that you will love and feel confident to promote to the world.

Why Choose Oley Media Group?

Oley Media Group delivers fresh design, print and web solutions. We are based at Wheelers Hill in Melbourne and were established in 2002. By choosing Oley Media Group you will also be choosing:

  1. Fresh Designs. Our designs make an impact! Not only will the design we develop for you reflect the quality and uniqueness of your business, it will set you apart from your competitors.
    “When it comes to business it’s not who you are that’s important, it’s who your customers think you are.”
  2. 2. Oley Guarantee. We honour all of our commitments and do exactly what we say we will do. No excuses. No exceptions.
    ‘Every promise that’s made, whether it’s large or small, deserves to be kept.’
  3. Outstanding Service and Support. We guide you through every step of the design and production process with your own personal Project Manager, offering creative advice and solutions as part of our service. You can remain hands on or take a back seat, depending on what your availability allows.
    ‘Never underestimate the value of an experienced Project Manager.’
  4. Real Value for Money. As a small personalised firm, we are able to deliver quality results that are very affordable. Compare apples with apples and you’ll find we are very competitively priced.
    ‘Don’t settle for the most expensive, the least expensive or the quick fix. Settle for nothing less than the best.’
  5. Up-to-date Solutions. We have a genuine commitment to training and research, and our staff and outsourcing team are specialists in their own field. This means you can be sure the solution we offer will be up-to-date and relevant.
    ‘It pays to partner with someone who’s ahead of the game.’