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There are over 50 different email clients that can be used to send and receive email and each of those has various different versions of software which all act and look different from the previous version. Because of this, we’ve created this page to help define the default settings for all Oley Media Group email accounts for use with any email client.

Email setup on the Oley Media platform

Each email client will ask these questions in some shape or form during the setup process. Enter the settings as described below where the fields match.


Your name Enter your name as you’d like it appear in emails you send.
Account type POP3
Incoming server details
  • Server address
  • Port
  • Encrypted connection
Outgoing server details
  • Server address
Contact your ISP e.g. Bigpond (, Optus (,
etc. for this setting – Simply ask: I need the outgoing SMTP server
address for my email
  • Port
25 (Confirm with your ISP)
  • Authentication
No (Confirm with your ISP)
  • Encrypted connection
No SSL (Confirm with your ISP)
Username Enter your full email address
Password Enter your email password which will be case-sensitive.

Other settings to check

Ensure the checkbox is NOT ticked for Outgoing server requires authentication – If you’re using your ISP server (bigpond, optus, etc) authentication is not required.


  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with the POP and SMTP connection, or (Make sure it is set to OFF)
  • SMTP authentication for security. (Make sure this is unticked)

Ensure that your operating system and email client have the latest updates.

For a further guide to email setup, please select your email client for more detailed instructions

  1. Outlook 2003
  2. Outlook 2007
  3. Outlook 2010
  4. Outlook 2013
  5. Outlook Express
  6. Mozilla Thunderbird